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Chiropractic Care + Spinning Babies: an Empowered Approach to Pregnancy and Birth

We believe in helping parents experience a more comfortable and confident pregnancy + childbirth process. For the work we do, this means optimizing the functionality of the pregnant body through the utilization of chiropractic care and Spinning Babies bodywork techniques. This unique approach to prenatal care can help encourage ease throughout pregnancy and can lead to smoother progress throughout labor and birth.

When working with pregnant people, Dr. Nadia utilizes her chiropractic training in the Webster Technique, along with her Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner certification to create a tailored session for each client. This often means combining gentle and specific adjustments with activities and stretches created by midwife and Spinning Babies founder, Gail Tully. Below we’ll explore the benefits of prenatal chiropractic care along with more information about Spinning Babies.

Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care during pregnancy can be an essential resource to help individuals reach their ideal birth plan. In addition to relieving pregnancy discomforts such as back pain, hip pain, sciatica, and heartburn, gentle adjustments can help with optimal birth positioning. Chiropractic care encourages both the pelvis and the uterus to become more symmetrical. Adjustments can also help the baby engage correctly, stimulate cervical ripening and encourage the pelvis to become more flexible, which aids in the ease of labor.

As a note, prenatal chiropractic care does not encourage preterm labor. The body will not start the process of cervical ripening until the baby is ready for birth.

Spinning Babies and the Three Sisters of Balance:

Spinning babies is a technique created by midwife Gail Tully. It looks at the maternal physiology and baby positioning to help create ease and comfort during pregnancy. While the technique is usually associated with helping a breech or transverse baby find their way head down, it can be used during pregnancy at any time even if your baby has been head down for the majority of the pregnancy.

Within Spinning Babies, there is a series known as the “three sisters of balance”. These three activities can be used daily to help increase comfort in the body by creating balance and ease.

Forward-leaning Inversion:

This technique encourages the release of the uterosacral ligament and with gravity, helps remove any twists or torsion of the uterus.

Rebozo Sifting:

This gentle sifting technique is aimed at relaxing the fascia of the abdomen and the pelvis. During pregnancy and labor, this technique can help a baby rotate more easily and also help a birthing person relax.

Side lying Release:

This “static stretch” helps soften and balance the pelvic floor muscles. It can also be used to release muscle spasms, make room for the baby to turn into a more ideal position, and ease pain during pregnancy and birth.

Benefits of Spinning Babies:

  • Decrease the need for medical interventions

  • Decrease pain and discomfort

  • Allow baby to achieve and maintain an ideal birth position

  • Support a spontaneous start and finish to labor

  • Allow your baby to move down easier with contractions

Are you interested in learning more about prenatal chiropractic care?

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Nadia to discuss how prenatal chiropractic care can encourage greater comfort in pregnancy and can lead to smoother progress throughout labor and birth. Follow this link to book your service. We look forward to working alongside you!


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