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  • Dr. Nadia Fakhoury

Meet Dr. Nadia

1990 - Birth of the "Chiro Kid"

Hi! I’m Dr. Nadia. I’m the second of five children born and raised in central Florida.

In the chiropractic world, I’m known as a “chiro kid.” This means my dad is also a chiropractor and I’ve gotten regular adjustments since I was little.

2013 - Graduating to Perinatal Care

I graduated from the University of Florida in 2013 and started chiropractic school at Life Chiropractic West in Hayward, California.

During student rotations, I invited a neighbor (who was 6 months pregnant) to be my patient at our clinic. Despite a physically challenging pregnancy, we were able to relieve her severe sciatica pain and even reduce the chronic migraines my neighbor had experienced since high school. I even had the honor of working with her baby once she was born.

The experience was beyond rewarding. I realized then I wanted to focus my work on prenatal, postpartum and pediatric care.

2020 - A Move to Mobile Chiropractic

I moved to Los Angeles and opened Cocoon Chiropractic just months before the global pandemic lead to the closing of my very first office space. With clients still requesting care, I took my practice on the road becoming a “mobile chiropractor.”

I’ve always felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude getting to share sacred space with my clients - many as they experience the biggest transition of their lives.

Life Outside the Office

I recently got engaged to my chiropractic-school sweetheart. When I’m not with clients, I spend my time pursuing continuing education courses to help improve my practice.

And when not studying, I love attempting to be crafty, spending time with my family and discovering new hikes, restaurants, and cafes in the city.

Are you interested in working together? Send me an email at to learn more!

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